Current Channel & River status

Port information overview - Mississippi River

This information was updated on: 01-15-19
Current River Condition: OPEN
Marsec Level: 1
Visibility: CLEAR

Draft restrictions (Freshwater)

Location From To Draft (feet)
Bar SWPASS Mile 2.0 45
Cresent Mile 2.0 Mile 90.0 47
Nobra Mile 90.0 Mile 229.0 47
Draft A Mile 229.0 Mile 233.5 45
Draft B Mile 192.0 & above 45

Weather Conditions: Baton Rouge - New Orleans - Venice

River Stages
Note that River Stages are issued by the U.S. Arm Corps of Engineers each day at 10:30 am, therefore below stages
were issued yesterday. Monday updates reflect Friday river stages. Corps of Engineers phone is 504-862-2461.

Location Mile Draft (feet)
Venice, Louisiana Mile 9.0 2.5
New Orleans, Louisiana Mile 90.9 14.8
Reserve, Louisiana Mile 137.0 20.9
Donaldsonville, Louisiana Mile 173.0 27.5
Baton Rouge, Louisiana Mile 229.0 38.1

Lowest Bridge Clearance

Name: Huey P. Long
Location: Mile 106.1 ahp
Fixed height (feet): 152.3
Clearance (feet): 152.3 (less New Orleans River Stage)
Present clearance (feet):       137.50  (excludes any safety margins)

Closures: NONE

Notices: CRPPA Safe Navigation: Max. freshwater draft SWP now 45 feet / one way traffic for vessels over 42 ft from 1 mile above to 1 mile below lower gap light