Industry Notices

Issuing OfficeSubjectPortYR/MM/DD
U.S.C.G.U.S.C.G. - eNOAD Schema 3.6 - 15-Day NoticeU.S. Ports2018-10-25
LaMALouisiana Maritime Association - Rules for Vessels Arriving to U.S. from Cuba / 180-Day RuleU.S. Ports2018-09-26
U.S.C.G. NolaMSIB Issue 47 - 2018 Hurricane SeasonU.S. Gulf2018-05-25
Nobra PilotsNobra Pilots High Water Restrictions 2018Miss. River2018-03-09
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC18-009 - 2018 CBP User Fee ScheduleU.S.
Bar PilotsSW Pass Recommended Draft Limitation to 44'Miss. River2017-06-28
Bar PilotsSW Pass Recommended Draft Limitation to 45'Miss. River2017-06-13
Bar PilotsSW Pass Recommended Draft Limitation to 44'Miss. River2017-05-26
Bar PilotsSW Pass Inbound Vessels Over 38' / High Tide RestrictionsMiss. River2017-04-16
C.B.P. - MobileSC 17-04 - Denial of Entry for Mexican Flagged Fishing VesselsMobile, AL2017-02-09
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 17-011 - Guidelines for Processing Commercial Cargo during ACE System Outages U.S. Ports2017-01-25
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 17-010 - CF 368 Mobile Collection Receipts (MCR) PresentationNew Orleans, LA2017-01-10
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 17-004 - Vessel Diversion & Non-U.S. Clearance ProceduresU.S. Ports2016-12-09
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 16-006 - Trade Community Parking Spots in Front of Nola Customshouse New Orleans, LA2016-08-16
C.B.P. - Mobile, ALSC 16-006 - Creation of the National Jones Act Division of Enforcement (JADE) U.S. Ports2016-07-18
Freeport PilotsFreeport, Texas Pilots Request for Rate Increase - June 03rd, 2016Freeport, TX2016-06-03
Bar PilotsSouthwest Pass Draft restriction increased to 44' fresh waterMiss. River2016-05-12
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 16-008 - ACE Production Filing Exercises for Mandatory ACE Entry FilingU.S. Ports2016-04-25
Nobra PilotsNobra Pilots Rescinding of High Water Restrictions (June 01st, 2015)Miss. River2015-08-14
Bar PilotsSouthwest Pass Draft restriction recommended to 45' fresh waterMiss. River2015-08-07
C.B.P. - HoustonPIN 15-008 - Selection of Houston Area Centralized Examination Station (CES)Houston, TX2015-07-27
C.B.P. - HoustonPIN 15-007 - Proposed Change to Centralized Examination Station (CES) Fee ScheduleTexas Ports2015-07-17
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 15-010 - New Orleans Tri-Port Guidance on CF 3171 SubmissionsMiss. River2015-06-26
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 15-009 - Guidance on Date of Export and Foreign Trade Regulations PenaltiesAll U.S. Ports2015-06-24
C.B.P. - CEEPIN 15-004 - Initiation of Post-Release Processing by the PNGM Center of Excellence & ExpertiseTexas Ports2015-06-24
U.S.C.G. Port SecurityU.S.C.G. Port Security Advisory (03-15)All U.S. Ports2015-06-22
U.S.C.G. - HoustonMSIB 11-15 - Loss of Vessel Propulsion and Maneuverability due to Menhaden FishTexas Ports2015-06-15
Bar PilotsREINSTATEMENT - Inbound Vessels Over 38' / High Tide RestrictionsMiss. River2015-06-13
Bar PilotsSouthwest Pass Draft restriction increased to 47' fresh water Miss. River2015-06-12
Bar PilotsRESCINDED - Inbound Vessels Over 38' / High Tide RestrictionsMiss. River2015-05-15
Bar PilotsSouthwest Pass Draft restricted to 45' fresh water Miss. River2015-05-10
C.B.P. - CEEPIN 15-003 - Initiation of Post-Release Processing by the PNGM Center of Excellence & ExpertiseTexas Ports2015-04-01
U.S.C.G. Port SecurityU.S.C.G. Port Security Advisory (01-15)All U.S. Ports2015-03-25
Bar PilotsInbound Vessels Over 38' / High Tide RestrictionsMiss. River2015-03-22
Nobra PilotsNOBRA Pilots Association - High Water Conditions & RestrictionsMiss. River2015-03-19
U.S.C.G. - NolaMSIB XV-023 - Carrollton Gauge at 12 Feet on the RiseMiss. River2015-03-18
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 15-005 - APHIS Restrictions on Mediterranean Fruit Fly from Dominican RepublicAll U.S. Ports2015-03-18
LaMAU.S.C.G. Vessel Requirements for U.S. ECA EntryMiss. River2015-02-27
Big River CoalitionLower Mississippi River Dredging Update - Upcoming River Closure Mile 66 AHPMiss. River2015-02-25
U.S.C.G. - NolaMSIB XV-013 - Vessel Anchoring CapabilitiesMiss. River2015-01-28
U.S.C.G. - NolaMSIB XV-011 - North American Emission Control Area (NA-ECA) L.S.F.O. Changeover ConcernsMiss. River2015-01-12
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 017-14 - Ebola Virus Precautions Update (Change #1)All U.S. Ports2014-10-22
U.S.C.G. - NolaMSIB XIV-081 - Vessel Arrival Reporting Requirements from High Risk Ebola Countries ** UPDATEMiss. River2014-10-20
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 017-14 - Ebola Virus Precautions UpdateAll U.S. Ports2014-10-17
U.S.C.G. - NolaMSIB XIV-076 - Vessel Arrival Reporting Requirements from High Risk Ebola CountriesMiss. River2014-10-10
U.S.C.G. Port SecurityU.S.C.G. Port Security Advisory (03-14)All U.S. Ports2014-09-15
U.S. Census BureauFederal Register Vol. 79, No. 177 - Reinstatement of AES Exemption Codes ยง30.37 (q) and (r)All U.S. Ports2014-09-12
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 14-010 - CBP Regulations amending the exportation of self-propelled vehiclesMiss. River2014-05-02
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 14-006 - Submission of vessel "Port of Call" list to CBP prior to arrivalMiss. River2014-01-16
I.M.O.Regulation 14 - Sulphur Oxides (SOx) Limits within Emission Control Areas (ECAs)Worldwide2014-01-01
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 14-004 - New Port Director - Gramercy, LouisianaMiss. River2013-12-24
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 14-003 - Single Transaction Bond (STB) RequirementsMiss. River2013-12-20
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 042-13 - NTVRP Implementation Date ReminderAll U.S. Ports2013-12-19
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 14-002 - 2014 Customs Brokers Annual User FeeAll U.S. Ports2013-12-18
U.S.C.G. - NolaMSIB XIII-112 - Safe Carriage of Coal CargoesMiss. River2013-12-17
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 14-001 - CBP ACE Electronic Notification to 3rd Parties Procedure ChangeMiss. River2013-12-16
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 041-13 - Fixed Water-Based Local Application Fire-Fighting SystemsAll U.S. Ports2013-12-06
U.S. E.P.A.U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Marine Engine & Fuel StandardsAll U.S. Ports.2013-11-19
Big River CoalitionLower Mississippi River Dredging Update - October 31st, 2013Miss. River2013-10-31
LaMALouisiana Maritime Association - Non-Tank Vessel Response Plan RequirementsAll U.S. Ports2013-10-29
LaMALouisiana Maritime Association 10-13 - Asian Gypsy Moth U.S.-Canada 2013 Joint BulletinNorth America2013-10-29
U.S.C.G. - DelawareMSIB 026-13 - Speed Restriction Imposed to Protect North Atlantic WhalesAll U.S. Ports2013-10-25
Big River CoalitionLower Mississippi River Dredging Update - Sept. 20th, 2013Miss. River2013-09-20
C.B.P. - New OrleansNew Orleans Tri-port Vessel Entrance & Clearance TimelinesMiss. River2013-09-12
U.S.C.G. - NolaMSIB XIII-86 - Heavy Weather PreparationsMiss. River2013-08-15
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 023-13 - Marine Vapor Control Systems Final RuleAll U.S. Ports2013-07-16
U.S.C.G. - NolaMSIB XIII-65 - Regulated Navigation Enforcement of the GOM: Mississippi Canyon 20U.S. GOM2013-06-28
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 13-009 - Procedures for Vessels to depart Port of Nola to Await Orders or Clean HoldsMiss. River2013-06-24
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 018-13 - Ballast Water Management Reporting and Recordkeeping NoticeAll U.S. Ports2013-06-05
U.S.C.G. - NolaMSIV XIII-31 - Hurricane Regulated Navigation Area (RNA) Waiver RequestsMiss. River2013-04-09
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 13-008 - Approval of CF 3499 to Manipulate, Examine, Sample, or Transfer GoodsMiss. River2013-04-03
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 13-007 - CBP New Orleans Crewmen/Passenger & Aircraft/Aircraft Branch POC ListMiss. River2013-03-27
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 13-006 - CBP New Orleans Cargo/Trade Enforcement Units POC ListMiss. River2013-03-27
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 13-005 - CBP New Orleans Cargo/Trade Processing Units POC ListMiss. River2013-03-27
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 011-13 - Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) - Reader RequirementsAll U.S. Ports2013-03-22
U.S.C.G. - P.S.C.U.S.C.G. - Port State Control - Flag State POC ListAll U.S. Ports2013-03-08
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 009-13 - Vessel Documentation Renewal FeesAll U.S. Ports2013-03-04
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 007-13 - Implementation of MARPOL Annex V Amendments Interim RuleAll U.S. Ports2013-02-27
I.M.O.MARPOL Annex VI - Requirements to Improve the Energy Efficiency of International ShippingWorldwide2013-02-01
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 002-13 - Notice of Minimum Random Drug Testing Rate for 2013All U.S. Ports2013-01-11
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 001-13 - Carriage Standards for BNWAS Aboard U.S. Flagged VesselsAll U.S. Ports2013-01-07
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 13-001 - Holidays for the Port of New OrleansMiss. River2013-01-02
I.M.O.Special Areas of Marpol Annexes I - VIWorldwide2013-01-01
U.S.C.G. - P.S.C.U.S.C.G. Port State Control - Class Society POC List 2013All U.S. Ports2013-01-01
U.S.C.G. - NolaU.S.C.G. Offshore COC Inspection RequirementsU.S. GOM2013-01-01
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 12-021 - 2013 Customs Brokers Annual User FeeAll U.S.Ports2012-12-21
U.S. E.P.A.U.S. Emission Control Areas PresentationAll U.S. Ports2012-12-13
U.S.C.G. Port SecurityU.S.C.G. Port Security Advisory (2-12)All U.S. Ports2012-11-27
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 026-12 - Letters of Recommendation for Waterfront LNG/LHG Facilities Final RuleAll U.S. Ports2012-11-27
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 12-020 - Notification of Arrival - Re-Issuance of SC 09-022Miss. River2012-11-15
U.S.C.G. - NolaMSIB XII-126 - Implementation of Government Initiated Exercises in the C.O.T.P. New Orleans ZoneMiss. River2012-10-30
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 017-12 - Conditions of Entry Notice - Republic of Yemen AdditionAll U.S. Ports2012-09-04
U.S.C.G. - P.S.C.U.S.C.G. Port State Control - Foreign Vessel Compliance Headquarters POC ListAll U.S. Ports2012-09-01
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 12-016 - Asian Gypsy Moth High Risk Season AwarenessAll U.S. Ports2012-08-24
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 12-015 - General Order Notification Procedures (Revision to SC 12-003)Miss. River2012-07-17
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 12-014 - Requirements for Importing & Processing Human Remains through a Port of EntryAll U.S. Ports2012-06-21
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 013-12 - Shipboard Fire Suppression Final RuleAll U.S. Ports2012-06-07
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 009-12 - Merchant Mariner's Documents Final RuleAll U.S. Ports2012-05-29
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 048-11 - MARPOL Annex I Amendments Proposed RulesAll U.S. Ports2012-04-09
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 009-12 - Employment of Non-U.S. Credentialed Personnel Onboard U.S. VesselsAll U.S. Ports2012-03-12
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 002-12 - Inflatable Liferafts and Inflatable Buoyant Apparatuses Interim RuleAll U.S. Ports2012-02-21
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 12-013 - Submission of Vessel "Ports of Call" List Prior to Arrival from ForeignMiss. River2012-02-17
Sun Terminal Sunoco - Nederland, TX - Terminal Access Restrictions & Security ProtocolNederland, TX2012-01-12
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 12-009 - 2012 Triennial Status Report and Status Report FeeAll U.S. Ports2012-01-11
Big River CoalitionStudy: The Economic Impact of Reduced Dredging of the Mississippi RiverMiss. River2012-01-10
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 12-006 - Vessel and Crewmen Arrival Document RequirementsAll U.S. Ports2011-12-19
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 054-11 - Seagoing Barges Direct Final RuleAll U.S. Ports2011-12-14
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 049-11 - International Anti-Fouling System Certificates Final RuleAll U.S. Ports2011-12-09
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 12-004 - Regulated GarbageAll U.S. Ports2011-12-05
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 12-002 - Exportations to the Outer Continental Shelf (O.C.S.)All U.S. Ports2011-12-05
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 044-11 - Claims Procedures under O.P.A. 1990 Notice of InquiryAll U.S. Ports2011-11-01
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 037-11 - Conditions of Entry Notice - Republic of Congo RemovalAll U.S. Ports2011-10-14
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 11-008 - Carriers' and Importers' Responsibility Relating to Bulk Cargo ReleasesAll U.S. Ports2011-10-07
U.S.C.G. - New OrleansMSIB XI-98 - Shore Leave and Facility AccessMiss. River2011-09-23
U.S.C.G. - New OrleansMSIB XI-95 - Personal Flotation Device Warning - Revere Brank Life PreserversAll U.S. Ports2011-09-20
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 11-016 - Units of Measure for Log, Firewood, and LumberAll U.S. Ports2011-07-07
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 027-11 - Policy Review for Self-Defense of Vessels of the U.S.Worldwide2011-07-06
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 11-012 - Parole of Crewmembers on board Lightering VesselsMiss. River2011-07-05
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 028-11 - Policy for Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act Implementation ProceduresAll U.S. Ports2011-06-28
U.S.C.G. - New OrleansMSIB XI-50 - B.R. Vessel Traffic Center Relocation to New OrleansMiss. River2011-05-14
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 11-010 - Port of New Orleans' Centralized Examination Station (CES) Additional FeesNew Orleans2011-05-11
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 11-009 - Port of New Orleans CBP Cargo Processing Branch Unit ContactsMiss. River2011-04-25
U.S.C.G. - New OrleansMSIB XI-37 - Certificates of AdequacyMiss. River2011-04-09
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 007-11 - Conditions of Entry Notice - Mauritania RemovalAll U.S. Ports2011-04-05
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 11-006 - Executive Order Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions Related to LibyaAll U.S. Ports2011-03-28
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 11-003 - Broker Management Office Institution in Memphis, TNMiss. River2011-01-28
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 11-002 - General Order Notification ProceduresMiss. River2011-01-24
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 014-09 - Whistleblower Protection Final RuleAll U.S. Ports2010-12-21
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 10-019 - New Orleans Tri-Port Notification of Arrival / CBP Boarding RequestsMiss. River2010-11-15
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 10-016 - Evidence of Stowaway ActivityMiss. River2010-09-20
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 022-10 - Lifesaving Equipment Proposed RuleAll U.S. Ports2010-08-31
Corps of EngineersStudy: Forecast of Dregding and Marine Constuction of Texas PortsTexas Ports2010-07-02
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 024-10 - Inland Navigation Final RuleAll U.S. Ports2010-04-15
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 026-10 - Conditions of Entry Notice - Sao Tome & Principe AdditionAll U.S. Ports2010-04-13
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 10-006 - Implementation of New CF7501 (Entry Summary) VersionAll U.S. Ports2010-04-12
I.M.O.MEPC.Circ.675 - Discharge of Wash Water under Marpol Annex VWorldwide2010-03-26
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonMSIB 020-09 - Shipboard Fire Suppression Proposed RuleAll U.S Ports2010-02-24
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 10-005 - Bond Centralization Program ExpansionAll U.S. Ports2010-02-22
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 10-003 - Haitian Humanitarian Relief EffortsAll U.S. Ports2010-01-22
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 09-024 - New Orleans Tri-Port Guidance on CF 3171 SubmissionsMiss. River2009-12-09
C.B.P. - WashingtonU.S. Customs & Border Protection - Vessel Inspection Guide 2010All U.S. Ports2009-12-01
U.S.C.G. - HoustonMSIB 12-09 - C.O.T.P. Policy on Requirements for Prewash OperationsTexas Ports2009-11-04
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 09-017 - Monetary Guidelines for Customs Bond Activity Code 3,3AMiss. River2009-09-22
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 09-013 - Electronic Notice of Arrival/Departure (eNOA/D) UpdateMiss. River2009-08-12
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 09-012 - Notification to CBP of Dunnage DischargesMiss. River2009-08-05
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 09-007 - Asian Gypsy Moth High Risk Season AwarenessAll U.S. Ports2009-05-18
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 09-004 - Refund of Per Arrival User FeesAll U.S. Ports2009-03-24
U.S.C.G. - HoustonMSIB 03-09 - Conditions of Entry (COE) on Vessels Arriving from Venezuelan PortsTexas Ports2009-01-23
C.B.P. - WashingtonU.S. Coastwise Trade: MerchandiseAll U.S. Ports2009-01-01
Port of Corpus ChristiTransportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) ComplianceCorpus Christi2008-11-19
C.B.P. - Morgan CitySC 08-007 - Plugging & Abandonment (P&A) of Offshore Production FacilitiesU.S. GOM2008-10-22
U.S.C.G. - New OrleansU.S.C.G. New Orleans Port State Control - Bunkering Hydrostatic Testing RequirementsMiss. River2008-09-20
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 08-004 - Federal Register Notice Seal Mandate (Effective Oct. 15, 2008)All U.S. Ports2008-08-11
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 08-003 - H.T.S. Import Specialist Team AssignmentsMiss. River2008-08-01
U.S.C.G. - HoustonMSIB 07-08 - Enforcement Policy for Non-Tank Vessel Response Plan RequirementsTexas Ports2008-07-07
Sunoco TerminalSunoco - Nederland, TX - Maximum Crude Oil TemperatureNederland2008-06-16
C.B.P. - HoustonTravel Documents for Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)Texas Ports2008-01-14
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 07-155 - Reimbursable Billing for CBP ServicesMiss. River2007-08-30
I.M.O.MEPC.1/Circ.469 - Reporting Alleged Inadequacies of Port Reception FacilitiesWorldwide2007-07-13
U.S.C.G. - WashingtonNVIC 03-07 - Maritime Sector Implementation of the TWIC Program All U.S. Ports2007-07-02
C.B.P. - Corpus ChristiPIN 07-015 - Procedures for Splitting Shipments and Proper Disposition of CargoTexas Ports2007-04-10
C.B.P. - Corpus ChristiPIN 07-014 - Reporting of Stowaways and Evidence of Stowaway ActivityTexas Ports2007-04-10
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 07-112 - Increase in Fees for ServicesAll U.S. Ports2007-03-07
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 07-108 - Mandatory Notification of All Incidents Involving Stowaways & Absconding CrewmembersMiss. River2007-02-27
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 07-085 - Requirement to Post Marine Terminal Operator Bond for Handling Container ShipmentsAll U.S. Ports2007-01-10
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 06-020 - Electronic Notice of Arrival/Departure (eNOA/D) UpdateMiss. River2006-02-01
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 06-019 - International Carrier Bond Requirement (APIS)All U.S. Ports2006-02-01
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 05-049 - Customhouse Building & Parking Placard ID CardsNew Orleans2005-06-06
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 05-044 - Electronic Reproduction or Printing of U.S. CBP FormsAll U.S. Ports2005-05-23
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 05-030 - Consolidation of Entry-Processing Functions at U.S. CustomhouseNew Orleans2005-03-04
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 05-017 - Increase in APHIS User Fee CollectionAll U.S. Ports2004-12-27
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 05-016 - MTTC Act of 2004: Identified Entries to Liquidate and Re-LiquidateMiss. River2004-12-27
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 05-004 - Uniform National Policy for Consolidated EntriesAll U.S. Ports2004-10-26
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 05-002 - General Order Merchandise Reporting RemindersMiss. River2004-10-26
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 04-036 - Amendments to the U.S.-Singapore Free Trade AgreementAll U.S. Ports2004-09-27
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 04-031 - Reporting Requirements for the Ultimate Consignee at the Time of Entry or ReleaseMiss. River2004-08-26
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 04-028 - Trade Act 2002: CBP Form 1302 / Inward Cargo DeclarationAll U.S. Ports2004-07-06
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 04-023 - Parole of Lightering Vessel CrewmenMiss. River2004-04-06
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 04-022 - Acceleration of Port-Entry NAFTA 520(D) ClaimsMiss. River2004-04-02
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 04-021 - Elimination of SEDs for USML and CCLsAll U.S. Ports2004-03-30
I.M.O.Convention for Management of Ballast Water & SedimentsWorldwide2004-02-13
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 04-011 - Trade Act 2002: Seaport Implementation Governing Non-Automated Vessel CarriersAll U.S. Ports2004-01-05
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 04-007 - Export Shipments to Proscribed CountriesMiss. River2003-12-04
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 04-002 - FDA Bioterrorism Regulation: Registration of Food FacilitiesAll U.S. Ports2003-10-17
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 04-001 - FDA Bioterrorism Regulation: Prior Notice of Imported Food ShipmentsAll U.S. Ports2003-10-17
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 03-034 - In-Bond Processing and Preparation for the Port of New OrleansMiss. River2003-09-10
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 03-032 - Weekly FTZ Entry Processing and ProceduresMiss. River2003-08-26
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 03-031 - At Anchorage or In-Stream Vessel InspectionsMiss. River2003-08-04
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 03-028 - Canada Export Permit / Certificate of Eligibility ChangeAll U.S. Ports2003-06-10
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 03-023 - 24 Hour Rule - Enforcement StrategyAll U.S. Ports2003-04-28
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 03-019 - Procedures for Vessels Arriving from and Departing for CubaAll U.S. Ports2003-03-28
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 03-017 - CBP Policy Regarding Petroleum Residue (Slops)All U.S. Ports2003-03-19
C.B.P. - New OrleansSC 03-016 - Revised Amounts on Tonnage Tax and Procedures for Refund ApplicationsAll U.S. Ports2003-03-18
I.M.O.Convention of Control of Harmful Anti-fouling Systems on ShipsWorldwide2001-10-05